Problems in installing solar cells

Installing solar cells will require 20W solar panels on the front and back. which we will connect the wires from the connection point In order to send electrical energy from the solar panel. Enter the power management process of the battery controller.

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The connection point is located at the back of the solar panel. must open the lid by scrolling down You can see the connection points for the positive (+) and negative (-) terminals.

at the connection point The positive (+) and negative (-) terminals are clearly marked. and when we strip off the insulation We will see 2 wire colors, red and black, which according to the international standard of direct current (DC) wire phase, red is the positive (+) pole and black is the negative pole (-).

Then insert the cable into the box. Unscrew the cable lock camp. Then insert the wires through the steel camp, lock the cable. Then connect the wires according to the positive (+) and negative (-) poles correctly. We can choose to connect the wires tightly in 2 ways:

  1. Connect the wires by tightening the nut.
  2. Connecting wires using a soldering iron

Wiring completed. The most important thing in connecting wires is tightness. May cause sparks and subsequent heat. Therefore, if in the case that we choose to use a knot connection We’ll need to make sure the wires are securely secured enough. Or if you are unsure, you should lazydadreviews  choose a way to connect the wires with a soldering iron.

This is a battery charge controller. which will control the receiving of electrical energy from the solar panel and supplying the direct current to the system opcritic stored in the battery Including supplying electricity directly to electrical appliances

Then connect the wires from the solar panel. into the charging controller by connecting the cable to the correct polarity The red wire goes to the positive (+) terminal and the black wire goes to the negative (-) terminal.

Then the wires from the battery charge controller will be connected. to the battery ball For the battery, we will choose to use a 12V 12AH dry battery, which will have positive (+) and negative (-) terminals as well. Also make sure that the wires connecting all the terminals are tight enough. To prevent the occurrence of sparks which is the cause of the accumulation of heat naamagazines energy.

The wires that extend from the charge controller. at the battery terminal connection point We will use clamps to clamp the battery terminals. Which by the nature of the device is suitable for use together

When connecting the extension cord from the charge controller to the battery We will notice the lights on the charging control panel. in the battery point A light will flash to indicate that direct current (DC) power is now flowing into the system. which if the solar panel receives energy from the sun when The controller will receive electricity from the solar panel immediately. by letting us observe the light at PV

Now that our solar system is ready, the next step is to get the solar panel directly from the sun.

This is a fluorescent lamp set. to use direct current (DC) 12V by the lamp used It uses an 18W fluorescent lamp which is commonly used in AC power systems.

In general, DC Set tubes that are available in the market. Will give the next tongs together with the wires to be ready to use with the battery. We will cut off the grips and sheath the wires to connect to the fuel controller. to receive direct current power from the solar panel and when the sun is gone The controller will automatically switch to the battery to supply power instead.

Cut the red wire or positive pole (+) to connect the switch to cut the circuit to use at night. and closed in the morning Or we may modify the sunlight switch to be an automatic on-off switch when the light comes on and the light is out.

When the solar panel is exposed to sunlight, the dashboard of the charge controller will show the light at the PV position instead of the battery point immediately. At this point we will have to wait for the solar panel to generate electricity to fully charge the battery.

Then connect the wires from the DC Set lamp, which must be connected to the positive (+) and negative (-) poles when turning on the switch. We can see that the bulb will light up immediately.

operational problems

In the case of installing solar cells at that point Inevitably wastes the cost of operating costs. which, if compared to the benefits received from the use of solar energy to illuminate a single point So the next problem Is to design and build a solar cell system that can provide electricity from the sun. in every point that needs to use light Because devices such as batteries and inverters Able to manage electrical energy to other points

problem solving

From considering the solution It was found that we can attach two lighting devices. to be able to work simultaneously By connecting the circuit into 2 circuits from the same battery and solar panel. by attaching DC power to the fluorescent tube set through the charge controller And at the same time, the electric power from the battery is connected to the 18W energy-saving lamp, which is an AC power system through an inverter or micro inverter and a sunlight switch is installed to be able to control both circuits at the same time.

Benefits received from the project

The use of light by using the energy that can be generated by itself from the sun. It is considered a benefit worth the investment. Even more if we can develop the system to have more power generation capacity. Lighting systems in homes, offices and communities will be able to rely on this energy endlessly. and without any cost. In addition to the sun that the world rotates to receive light and heat energy that circulates to visit our world again.

In addition, the solar cell system can also be applied to many other devices and electrical appliances, especially for mutual benefits such as community water pump system using light energy to drive water pumps in the process 

Production and delivery of water pressure to community buildings This greatly reduces the cost of the operation process. Without the need to rely on other energy sources that increase costs again. with the theory of sustainable energy development that “Inexhaustible energy is the nature that surrounds us.”

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