Flick Your Liner Downward For a Rounder Eye

To create a rounder eye, flick your liner downward. This technique is also known as cat eye, and is perfect for people who have a naturally wide set. To make this look, you must first apply a thick liner on your upper lashline. Then, apply a thin, straight line of liner below it. This will make your eye look more even and square. You can also use a dark, matte black liner to enhance the overall lookgreatofmining

Use your outer angle as a guide to measure

The best way to create a round eye is to start by measuring the outer corner of your eye. Start by drawing a thin line and then draw a thicker line. Use your outer corner as a alinaimagine guide to measure how much liner to apply. For a thicker line, measure the length of your eyebrow. You should have a space of about half the width of your outer eye.


The outer corner of your eye should be thicker than your inner one. A thin line will be lost in the space between the two parts of your eyelid. A thicker outer corner will also hold the shape of the flick when your eyes are closed. The space between the inner and outer corners of the eye should be less than the width of one of your eyes. You should keep the liner thin if you want a rounder-looking eye. Visit here online best website.

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