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The New Instagram Subscription Service: What We Know

A new subscription service called IGTV has been discovered on the Instagram mobile app. Users who have access to the third-party add-on will be able to sign up for a new, yet-to-be-named subscription that gives you access to IGTV. Using this new subscription service, you’ll get ad-free access to the IGTV app and all its episodes and videos. We know little about this new service at this point, but we acknowledge it could be an extension of IGTV, the company’s streaming video feature with over 100 channels. In other words, it could also be a paid version of the former.

In case you haven’t been on social media lately, then you probably missed the recent updates to both Instagram and Facebook. We’re talking about the new features that both platforms released separately over the past few months. And while they might seem like insignificant updates at first glance, they represent a major shift in how users can interact with these social networks. In this article, we’ll go through everything you need to know about Instagram’s new subscription model and how it will affect your account going forward. From how much it costs and what types of users receive access to it. Now is the perfect time to increase your reach on Instagram and take advantage of all the features it has to offer. You can use Mr. Insta’s service to get free Instagram followers, free Instagram likes, and more. Read on to learn more.

What is IGTV?

IGTV is a feature on the Instagram app that allows its users to stream video content on the platform. Since it is part of the app, you don’t need to download an additional application. What’s more, you can watch all your favorite videos on your phone or tablet. IGTV was launched in August 2018 along with IGTV support for iOS and Android devices. It was the first time that users could watch videos on the platform. IGTV allows users to watch all their favorite clips, including full-length movies and sports highlight clips. You can also make your short movies and upload them to the platform.

The details you need to know about IGTV and its possible launch date

Instagram tested out a beta version of IGTV in January 2018, which at the time required users to be part of the Instagram creative studio. The beta was only used internally by the creative studio, but it was a sign that the company was testing out a paid subscription service. As far as we know, IGTV is a paid service that offers ad-free content. It’s a great way to watch videos, but it’s not available for everyone — for now, it’s only for those in the Instagram creative studio. In April 2018, Instagram started testing out IGTV on the public beta page. This means that it’s available for everyone to use, but Instagram hasn’t announced it anywhere publicly.

New Instagram Subscription Service: What We Know So Far

Instagram is in the process of developing its subscription service. The company has been testing a new product called IGTV, which lets you subscribe to a streaming video service without ads. Instagram announced that the new feature is available to some users. IGTV will allow users to sign up for a new subscription service that gives you ad-free access to IGTV and all its episodes and videos. This implies that you won’t be able to watch IGTV clips without a subscription. IGTV seems to be a paid version of IGTV with missing parts of it. While IGTV was launched as a free service with no ads and limited shows, this new subscription service is nothing but an extension of IGTV with subscription fees.

How to Access IGTV from Instagram?

IGTV is currently not available on the Instagram app. As of now, you need to download a separate app for IGTV. You can download the app from Google Play or Apple App Stores. You can then link your Instagram and IGTV accounts to access IGTV from the mobile app. Once you have the IGTV app installed, you need to link your Instagram account to access IGTV from your phone or tablet. After linking your Instagram and IGTV accounts, you can start accessing IGTV content from your phone or tablet. IGTV is not available on the main feed, which means you need to search for specific IGTV content.

Why Is Instagram Going to Charge For IGTV?

IGTV is an important product for Instagram. The service is popular among young folks, and Instagram can charge them for it. With the new subscription service, Instagram users will get access to the ad-free IGTV with no ads or ads of any kind. Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri recently confirmed that IGTV is indeed a paid service. With the new subscription, Instagram users will have access to IGTV and get rid of ads for $2 a month. He also revealed that the service will go to $12 a month and up, which means users will have to pay more for access to more content.

The Expected IGTV Pricing Structure: Start At $2 A Month and Go Up from There.

IGTV will be a subscription service. That means you need to pay a monthly fee to access the service. The price and the details of this subscription have not been revealed yet. However, based on the company’s past actions, we can assume that the subscription will be priced between $2 and $12 a month. The new service will offer more content than IGTV, and you will get access to a wider variety of shows and movies. However, compared to Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, IGTV seems a little inferior. For example, IGTV currently has over 100 channels, while Netflix, Amazon, and other streaming services have thousands of movies to choose from.

Should you subscribe to the new service?

A subscription to IGTV will cost you $2 a month. That’s quite a lot of money to pay for a platform that is not that great as compared to other streaming services. IGTV does have a huge community of young people, and you might love it. The only way to find out is to sign up for the new subscription service. However, if you don’t like the subscription service, you can just cancel the subscription. IGTV is just an extension of the existing IGTV, so you can go back to the original app anytime. We don’t think you should subscribe to IGTV. If you want to watch videos on Instagram, many other apps can do the same job.

Final Words: Should You Be Worried About the New Instagram Subscription?

IGTV will cost $2 a month and will have an expiry date. The subscription will not be free forever. Once you log out of the service, you will not be able to use it again. Instagram has been trying to find a way to make money off the platform. With the new subscription service, Instagram is following suit. The new service will be a challenge for the company since users are not likely to pay for it. In that case, Instagram might start charging for other services once the subscription is rolled out. We will have to wait and watch what happens next. For now, IGTV is not available to download on the app, so you won’t be able to enjoy the service until Instagram decides to roll it out to all users.

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