The Last of Us Game Review

The Last of Us is a video game series that takes place in post-pandemic America following the outbreak of a disease that decimated 60 percent of mankind. It tells the story of Joel, a middle-aged survivor, and his teenage daughter Ellie. The two go on adventures across America, fighting the infected and other survivors. The video game is based on a true story. The first part of the game centers on the events surrounding the outbreak and the people who survive.

The game centers on the life of the relationship

The Last of Us is set 20 years after the pandemic that killed millions. It centers on the lives of three survivors – Joel and his daughter Ellie – and their relationship. The game’s prologue depicts a 2013 timeline, with the death of Joel’s daughter Sarah. When Joel discovers that his daughter has been murdered, he is hired to rescue her. But Joel has to go across the U.S. to find her, which makes him feel like an incompetent psychopath.


In the second installment, the game takes place twenty years after the original video game was released. In the game, players must sneak through a dark, eerie room. Enemies hide in the shadows. Suspenseful music thumps in the background as assailants pop out of corners. During the adventure, zombies tear apart the players’ necks and faces. The Last of Us is a thrilling, stress-inducing experience that will have you begging for more.

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