The Healthiest Fish and Seafood

There are many types of fish and seafood that are eaten around the world. These products have been an important source of protein and nutrients for humans for centuries. Although the exact source of fish and seafood depends on region and culture, there are many species that are considered “healthy” to eat. Here are some of the healthiest fish and seafood. Listed below are the five healthiest fish and seafood, including salmon and trout.

Omega-3 is traditionally known for its high levels of fatty acids

Fish and seafood are animals found in the sea and are classified as either oily or white. Some of the more common types of seafood include anchovies, bluefish, carp, sturgeons, and skates. Other seafood includes shellfish and cephalopods. These organisms have been traditionally eaten for their high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential for our health. Some of the healthiest seafood are those that contain less than five percent fat.


When choosing seafood and fish for your next meal, remember to choose one with a low fat content. Most seafood is low in fat, and is high in protein. For the best taste, choose white-fleshed fish and avoid the oily ones. If you are buying fish and/or shellfish, don’t forget to smell them before cooking. Make sure to check the eyes as well! They should be clear and the eye color should be bright.

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