Teaching Kids To Be Safe Around Strange Dogs

While playing together, children and dogs can be great partners and build memories together. In many families, little puppies grow with little babies side by side. However, having a dog in the house can become dangerous if the right measures are not practiced. Teaching your kids the right way to play with dogs is essential, or they can get bitten. 

Just because your pet dog does not hurt your children does not mean other dogs would not hurt them. All dogs need to be treated carefully and gently. Some dogs which appear sweet may suddenly bite or attack when you go near them, and the impact of the injuries can be severe in children. To get legal compensation, click on to know your options. 

Ways to teach your children to be safe around dogs 

  • Tell your child that dogs can be dangerous. 

If your child has grown up with dogs in the house, they may have grown up thinking that all dogs are fun and playful. However, you must make your child understand that dogs can be dangerous. While you do not need to include any gruesome details about what happens when a dog bites or attacks, you should explain to them that not every dog is friendly. Most importantly, tell them to treat every dog with respect and love. 

  • Tell your child to ask the owner before they pet a dog. 

Your child might think that all dogs are the same level of friendly and approach any dog they see. However, asking the owner for permission before petting a dog is usually a good idea. You should also ask them about the dog’s past and whether it has shown aggressive or dangerous behavior. If the owner says it is dangerous for a stranger to pet their dog, tell your child they should back out right then and there. 

  • Teach your child to approach dogs slowly. 

Lastly, teach your child to approach dogs in a humane way. Some children tend to be rude in their approach. Approaching a dog head-on can be threatening for them because many of them feel uncomfortable and scared when a person or creature twice or thrice their size leans over them. This is not the only way to approach a dog; there are nicer ways to do the same. 

Teach your child first to squat down parallel to the dog and allow the animal to approach them rather than go towards it. This makes the dog feel safe. 

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