Michigan Software Labs – We Make Apps For a Variety of Industries

At Michigan Software Labs, we make apps for a variety of industries. As a team, we combine UX design and programming expertise to build applications that solve real-world problems. Founders Sarah Bickford and Aaron Bickford have been working in the field for years. They are experienced in Java, C++, TypeScript, and Ruby, and their focus is on solving the most challenging problems in the shortest amount of time possible.

Must be enthusiastic about maintaining diversity in the workplace

Andrea Ross, a software associate at MichiganLabs, appreciates the sense of community at the company. She hopes to get a full-time position there and increase diversity. Javier Bomin, a Peruvian, is another employee who was attracted to the company by its culture and a diverse range of projects. With a background in HR, Bomin Ross is passionate about fostering diversity in the workplace.


During her two years at the University of Michigan, Emily worked in the pre-medical program, but after taking a computer science class, she changed majors and pursued a career in software development. Currently, she is a software engineer working on an Android app for a parent-centric business. Like Lisa, Pete is passionate about making technology better and more helpful for people. He enjoys working on custom software solutions, collaborating with other team members, and improving the user experience of a variety of companies.

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