Laparoscopic breast augmentation surgery

Breast problems, both in size and sagging, often bother women. Breast augmentation is therefore an option to increase confidence for women. Currently, there is a small incision breast augmentation surgery with a laparoscopic method that helps hide the small incision. Reduce complications from surgery, less pain, faster recovery, making breast augmentation not a concern anymore.

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Breast augmentation with endoscopic surgery

Endoscopic Breast Surgery The surgeon uses a special device called a breast augmentation. Endoscope, which has a tiny lighted camera located at the end of a tube and displays an enlarged view through a monitor. This allows the surgeon to clearly see the veins and internal tissues. It will shine through the surgical wound in the armpit. Then use a small special tool that is used to cut the muscle cavity into the surgery.

Normally, breast augmentation through the incision in the armpit will not be able to see the cavity inside where the implant will be implanted. In the past, a large bar tool had to be used to penetrate the chest cavity. As a result, underarm breast augmentation surgery is more restrictive than the incision under the breastbone. take longer to recover because of bruising and bleeding a lot It also takes longer for the breasts to reach the desired shape. Including a high chance of developing fibrosis after surgery (Capsular Contracture)

For the silicone used in laparoscopic breast augmentation surgery, a very soft silicone is used. Close to real women’s breasts, highly elastic, highly natural Suitable for use in small surgical incisions. There are many models and sizes to choose from. Therefore, you should consult your doctor thoroughly about the type, size and brand before undergoing surgery.

The advantages of surgery

– Small wound, only 3-4 centimeters in size because it hides a small wound in the armpit area, making it difficult to notice. depending on the size of the silicone inserted

– Silicone in place Because the surgeon uses a small, high-resolution surgical tool to cut the hole to fit the size of the silicone that will be inserted.

– from laparoscopic surgery The surgeon can then see the details of the tissue. and blood vessels clearly The patient therefore does not lose a lot of blood during the surgery to help reduce swelling and bruising. and fibrosis The patient can recover quickly within 2 days.

– Laparoscopic breast augmentation reduces surgery time, reduces blood loss and reduces unnecessary procedures.

Small incision breast augmentation by endoscopic method helps to reduce pain, recover quickly, and reduce complications from surgery. It is important to choose surgery with a skilled surgeon and a standardized hospital. There is modern equipment and tools. with a multidisciplinary team to take care for confident breast augmentation as beautiful as your heart desires

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