How to Use Vaseline For a Smudge Free Manicure

You’ve probably heard about how to use Vaseline for a smuggling-free manicure. It’s an easy method to apply to the nail surface, around the boundary of your nail, and along the cuticles. It doesn’t work as well for your nails, but it can still prevent smudges. In addition to preventing smudges on your nails, Vaseline can also prevent your manicure from looking streaky or messy.

You can leave an impression with nail polish

Another easy way to prevent smudges is to use a baby Q-tip. Simply rub baby Q-tips around your nails and cuticles with Vaseline to prevent any of the nail polish from sticking to your skin. To remove the leftover Vaseline, use rubbing alcohol or a dry paper towel. Otherwise, you might leave imprints from the nail polish.

Use smokeless nail polish

If you’re painting your nails at home, you may experience smudges. This is common among people who try to save money by using a simple nail polish at home. While this method can help save money, it’s not recommended, as it can cause problems with the application process and use. Hence, it’s better to use smudge-free nail polish.


Similarly, if you’re painting your nails at home, you may want to use a spray of hairspray on your nails before going to bed. The mist from the aerosol spray can help your nails dry faster, though you should be careful not to get your nails too cold. You should also avoid soaking your nails in icy water, since it tends to dry your nails quite quickly.

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