How to Use a URL Shortener to Improve Your Online Presence

To ย่อลิงค์, you simply paste the original URL into a designated area on a website. The website will generate a new, short link and redirect the original. One way to improve your online presence is to use a url shortener. Several reputable services offer this service. Here are some of them: Rebrandly, Capsulink, ClickMeter, and Pixelme. Then choose the one that best matches your branding and message. It should grab viewers’ attention, give them immediate information, and be short and memorable. Using a url shortener is an effective way to promote your brand.


Rebrandly is an url shortener service that can help you brand your website or email links. With the help of Rebrandly, you can add custom domains to your short links, and Rebrandly will handle the technical setup. Once you have your domain configured, you can use the service to share your links. Once your links are branded, you can access your Rebrandly dashboard to manage them.

Rebrandly is an excellent tool for branding your links and promoting them on your website. All you need to do is paste the URL you want to shorten into the Rebrandly site, decide what domain you want to use, and customize the slash tag. Other useful features include custom analytics, link retargeting, deep linking, and dedicated onboarding. Another great feature of Rebrandly is the ability to track the number of clicks made by your links, and set up traffic routing.


If you’re considering a Short URL for your website, you might want to consider Capsulink. This service offers a free forever account, which is ideal for small businesses and agencies. However, the free account has a number of limitations. For example, you can’t track over 5000 clicks per month, use geolocation, or target your links by time. As an agency, you may want to upgrade your account to a paid one.

As a digital marketer or affiliate, you’ll need to optimize your links to engage customers and drive more sales. But that’s not all, you’ll also need to manage your traffic flow and customize your links. Fortunately, Capsulink offers an API that can help you manage and customize custom domains. In this way, you can manage and track your traffic, track your performance, and improve your business’s brand recognition.


The ClickMeter custom domain url shortening service provides a number of additional features not available through other shortened-url services. It allows you to control and edit your links with ease, even when you change your destination URL. If you already shared the shortened URL, the link remains active and you won’t have to re-share it. ClickMeter can help you track your web traffic in real-time.

The ClickMeter service is not free but offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. There are three paid plans available, and each one offers different features. ClickMeter is a reliable and affordable solution for any business that wants to track web traffic and improve conversion rates. Although it has some shortcomings, it is a great solution for advertising and tracking pixel and banner ads. If you’re not satisfied with ClickMeter, check out LinkTrackr or Voluum. These two services offer a more personalized approach and are worth a look.


A Pixelme url shortener custom domain is an excellent way to track your affiliate links and track conversions. The service is easy to use and provides a variety of features. It integrates with 18 email marketing tools, including Aweber, MailChimp, and HubSpot, and allows up to 5 custom domains. Although it is not necessary to have a custom domain to track affiliate links, Pixelme enables you to set up a redirect system and tag users before they are redirected.

Another benefit of a PixelMe custom domain is that it integrates with a variety of advertising networks and attribution systems. You can track the success of your advertising campaigns, track conversions, and even invite your teammates to participate. PixelMe was one of the first URL shorteners to offer pixel retargeting. The service continues to evolve and offers users more features. In addition, it works with various ad platforms, so your ads will be more targeted and more efficient.


A เว็บย่อลิงค์ can help you create branded links. With BLINK, you can use a branded domain when shortening links, as well as tracking tags. BLINK allows you to track each link to measure how effective it is, and you can also change the destinations of the links and add tracking tags to them. BLINK also gives you the option of receiving email notifications when your links are clicked. You can see the total number of clicks and visits by day, device, and location.

The best URL shortener for marketing is one that provides advanced analytics and key metrics. Many URL shortening services provide a number of features, including tracking country-by-country clicks and analytics over the past 30 days. BLINK can also help you track the performance of your campaigns by incorporating Adobe and Google analytics. It also offers domain registration services and comprehensive campaign management tools, including tiered user access permissions and advanced security.


If you’d like to have a customized URL shortener, you can create a custom domain through YOURLS. This PHP script can be installed on your site and will let you run your own URL shortening service. You’ll own all the data, so you can brand your links as you see fit. The YOURLS script is copyleft until 2022. To get started, follow these steps.


YOURLS is a great option for branded URL shortening. Because it’s independent of WordPress and any other online link shortening service, it’s a stand-alone solution. As such, if your main site goes down, your YOURLS will continue to work. It also offers great metrics, including clicks by referrer, location, and date. It also supports plugins, so you can track the performance of your short domain without the help of an expert.

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