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How to take care of acne and sensitive skin

acne treatment Some say it’s hard and moreover Some people have sensitive skin. or blushing easily Acne treatment methods are many times more difficult. So how can we control acne without making our sensitive skin look worse foodiesfact? And which products are suitable for people with sensitive and acne prone skin? We have the answers for you.

Every woman don’t likes acne. But it’s something that often happens to women like you. Another way to avoid acne, it is selection of skin care products and facial foam products from

Weak but must not lose (give) easily

If you’re still unsure of your skin type, check out the following symptoms that indicate your skin is just weak or sensitive.

– Some people may be born with sensitive skin. Allergy due to heredity Some people may not have this condition from birth, but their skin becomes weaker due to environmental conditions, pollution, inadequate rest. Hormones in the body and skin care products that contain certain ingredients that are not suitable for your skin type.

– Symptoms that will be seen include swelling, rash, red skin blotches There are small prickly granules on the face, the blood circulation under the skin layer is not as good as it should be, dry and flaky. skin is rough

– sensitive to the external environment For example igadgetnow, when we are exposed to extreme temperature extremes such as extreme cold, sunlight, direct exposure to UV rays, or sweating that causes redness and itching of the skin.

– Asymptomatic sensitive skin is irritated skin. Skin discomfort or some people may experience itching. You can see the capillaries spread clearly on the skin.

– Dermatitis caused by chemical allergy in skin care products that contain too much perfume or skin barrier malfunction that does not conform to natural processes. Some people may develop more severe symptoms.

– Dehydrated or dehydrated skin is another cause of weakening of the skin as well. When the amount of skin nourishment continues to decrease

– Aging skin tends to be more sensitive and sensitive than usual. Because the thinner layer of the epidermis and the skin’s protective lipid barrier cannot function fully.

How to choose a face wash for people with acne and sensitive skin?

Avoid using bar soaps as they can dry out your skin easily and clog pores.

  1. Choose a soap that is gentle on the skin. Soluble in water Suitable for people with acne
  2. The ingredients must be fragrance free. Because perfume causes our skin to be sensitive.
  3. Must not contain essential oils because most essential oils contain perfume.
  4. Must not be a facial cleansing product that is a facial scrub because of the scrub It will only make acne worse.

How to Choose a Moisturizer for Acne and Sensitive Skin

It is important to consider buying a moisturizer. The texture of the product is that thick creams should be avoided. or oily lotion should choose a watery area or a thin gel or lotion instead and if at this stage The moisturizer you choose can’t nourish your skin enough igadgetnewstoday. It may be used toner. Come to help by choosing a toner that has properties that help soothe the skin. Or help fill in the skin and most importantly, it must not contain alcohol. If possible, look for moisturizers that contain licorice root, sea whip extract, willow herb, willow bark, beta-glucan, niacinamide, ceramides, and hyaluronic acid. Can help relieve sensitive skin.

The products that help treat acne for sensitive skin.

Choose products that are free of fragrance, menthol, camphor newspinup, peppermint, or denatured alcohol. Go for salicylic acid or BHA based products, as BHA is a very effective fight against acne and pimples. But if some people are worried that the BHA you choose will be gentle on sensitive skin or not.

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