How are truck accident and car accident lawyers different? 

A truck accident lawyer is eligible to handle a car accident case, but a car accident lawyer can not handle a truck accident case. Truck accident cases are complex and need much more expertise and skill set. However, if you are here because you have met with a truck accident in Rome, then there are excellent Rome truck accident attorney who will prove to be highly beneficial. 

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Why can’t a car accident attorney handle a truck accident?

The truck drivers and trucking companies come under the governance of federal law. The state commercial driving regulations, industry standards, and other company policies followed in car accident cases do not apply to truck accident cases. Also, the damages in a truck accident case are much more serious than in a car accident. Further, the trucking companies or the truck drivers fight eye to eye as the stakes are higher, and a car wreck attorney is not trained in handling such a tough fight. 

Reasons behind a car accident and a truck accident.

The reasons behind a car accident are mainly the driver’s negligence or the people on the road. Maybe the driver was drunk, busy on the phone, not abiding by the traffic rules, or driving recklessly. If not the driver’s fault, the people on the road must be careless. 

On the other hand, there might be varied reasons behind the truck accidents. The truck design might be flawed, the parts might not function, negligence in the hiring process or supervision, the truck not maintained properly, causing the accident, etc. 

How to select a truck wreck attorney?

It is beyond imagination to handle a truck accident case alone. You ought to have a lawyer to represent you legally. Don’t be overwhelmed by the numerous options you have. Focus on their points while choosing an attorney:

  • Experience: You need to find an attorney is seasons and has years of practice handling car accident cases.
  • Communication skills: You must understand thoroughly what your lawyer is trying to convey. If you can’t understand your lawyer, you might consider moving to the next option.
  • Fees structure: Ask your lawyer whether they will charge you per hour or they will accept a percentage of the compensation. Also, ask them if they work on a no-win no, pay basis.
  • Location: Look for a lawyer close to your place; you will have difficulty arranging meetings and might have to pay the box expense for their travel.

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