Get the Latest Online Cycling App for Free

Today’s your lucky day, for you are in for a deal of a lifetime. Vingo, the latest and the most advanced Indoor cycling app is now open for registrations for the whole year. The app has been placed in its beta mode, which means you can join it and enjoy all its premium features for free.

The app has been making a lot of headlines about its versatile functions and users share their stories about how incredible it is in reality. So, if you were looking for a great way to exercise, here’s your chance.

Looking for a Cycling App?

Indoor cycling is when you set up your exercise bike at a comfortable corner in your house and start riding it staring at the same wall every day. you can spruce up this routine by getting into Vingo. On Vingo you can explore the world through the internet all the while you exercise. This is how it works.

Just install the app on your smart phone and connect the device with your exercise bike. The app uses ANT+ sensors to monitor your movements on your bike and then simulate your movements on your screen. For better visual effects, you can also install the app on your smart TV and fix the screen before you. This way you will get a much more immersive experience.

Vingo is a Complete Cycling / Running App

The app is being used by thousands of people across the world. Everyone from trained athletes to eager beginners like you, join together inside the app and go on adventures every day. The adventures are their hiking trails, cycling routes and more. The app is filled with a lot of locations and maps, all based on real locations around the world.

Also, they are filled with interesting facts and stories about the spots. You can learn about all your favourite spots as you run or jog or cycle through them. And the best part is, you are going to do all this from right where you are, at your home. This way, your regular old cycling exercise becomes an Online cycling adventure.

Fitness in a Virtual World

As you select your favourite spot and cycle in it, you will notice the scenery changing around you. The app creates a virtual world in front of you while you move forward. To make it more interesting, you can become part of your virtual world by becoming an avatar. Just upload your selfie and let the app develop your digital self. You can dress up your avatar to look like you, add equipment to it and place yourself on the latest bike in the app, and much more on this virtual cycling app.

Get Membership of Vingo for a Year for Free

And the best part is, you can enjoy all this for free, for this whole year. When you sign up with Vingo, you can also invite as many as 8 people for free to the app. Go ahead, invite your friends and family into it and have fun together.

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