Fletcher University Fields of Study

A field of study is an area that is defined by a particular subject area. Courses in this field introduce students to related disciplines and their primary fields. They help students develop an understanding of the way things work and how they are studied. Most courses in this field focus on individual and group behavior and involve reading and research. Other courses will employ social contextual analysis. Some fields require a combination of methods to be successful. You will need to decide what kind of study you want to pursue before pursuing it.

The field of study is very wide

The major field of study at Fletcher University is the international studies field. This field is applied chemistry. Students studying these fields will specialize in specific topics or specialties. For instance, there is an agricultural field study. It involves the use of research and observation to understand how a particular crop or livestock is produced. This type of study also takes into account a variety of organizational and physical environments. The field of study may be broad, interdisciplinary, or focused on a single topic.


There are many ways to study the world. For example, there are many options for medical school. However, if you’re looking for a career in the arts, you may want to explore the humanities. Among other things, you can explore the field of science that interests you. There are several majors in the humanities and social sciences. If you’re interested in the social sciences, you can pursue your passion in the area of arts and culture.

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