Find out what our personalised badges can do for you.

Never before has getting the tag been so helpful! Sure, we do. It’s simple to make jokes using the word plate. But the truth is that at Camaloon, we have a strong belief in the influence and versatility of personalised plates. 

Making personalised badges works in an unlimited number of circumstances and events because they are useful for both business and personal use. Are you prepared to learn everything our affordable custom buttons can do for you? We provide you some unflappable suggestions.

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Personalized nameplates are perfect for your staff.

Most practical of all. This is surely your choice if you require custom identification plates for your personnel. The best feature is that it gives you flexibility with other things. Whenever the uniform is renewed, as an example. 

Your staff members can wear the same personalised name tag indefinitely if you don’t want to make them fresh personalised shirts. You’ll be more accountable and sustainable, as well as save time and money. It makes sense, doesn’t it?

Personalized identification plates with professions listed on them are yet another creative option. You can design a circular badge to your taste and add a humorous design with the name and profession of an individual or group of individuals. In fact, one of the orders that our factory produces the most frequently is bespoke badges for businesses.

The most creative badges are those with a photo on them.

How much we adore personalised presents! And a prime example of how you can still surprise your loved ones is with customised photo badges. Since our website has badges in a variety of shapes, there are several ways you can turn your memories into unique photo badges. Not only that, but you can even make them into magnets. They’ll be outstanding!

Magnet badges for customization

Can a refrigerator exist without magnets? We don’t know. We use customised magnet plates for this reason so you may realise your fondest memories and have them with you constantly. Both magnets with square and magnets with circular plates are available. It will be better framed in either one or the other depending on the sort of picture. Try the quiz on your own!

Create your own custom badges for events and gatherings.

It is already common knowledge that festivities and parties are increasingly planned down to the last millimetre. New trades with expertise in its management and organisation have continued to emerge in recent years. 

And it is true that finding the correct things requires a lot of ingenuity if you want to experience remarkable experiences. Do you want to create custom badges for your events? Listed below are a few suggestions.

Custom wedding badges

If there is a wedding coordinator on this website who can create custom badges for weddings or streets permanently, please let us know. We’re not serious, I suppose. Actually, you don’t even need to stop talking. Quite the reverse, in fact. We need you to find out how the little mouth wants to plan the wedding because Camaloon has an endless supply of things for the event, including these custom wedding stickers that are a must-have on such an important day.

Individual birthday badges

A birthday could it get any more special? Clear! Use these customised birthday badges to add a special touch. It is a highly entertaining addition for kids’ parties if you additionally include one of these kid-friendly presents. We offer the following suggestion: have a theme party and have the attendees wear your custom badges. They will have a wonderful memory to take home!

Select the best method for producing your inexpensive customised badges.

We have a wide range of options in Camaloon. For customised badges, there are 8 distinct shape options. Yes, indeed. Yes, you read correctly: 8 ways, neither more nor less. You may be thinking, “How can I know which one will work best for my customised badges?” In every situation, we offer you some guidance.

Individual circular plates

The most traditional and recognisable personalised wooden pins badges are round. We advise using them for practical designs because they are typically quite small. Using them as customised identification tags for your employees would be a prime example.

Individual square veneers

[Custom square buttons] can be used as a clothing accessory, for example. If you love the fashion of the 1980s and 1990s, you must have some nice personalised badges on your jacket or favourite pair of jeans.

Individual triangle plates

Numerous things can be indicated by triangles. It is a fantastic idea to have customised triangular badges to identify your brand, adding your logo and a background that stands out, because we tend to associate them easily. It can be a part of your welcome kit so that your new hires receive a unique corporate present.

Individual oval buttons

Due to the wider customised oval plates, there is more room for printing. This is a great choice if you want to purchase custom badges for special occasions because you can include a detailed design.

Horizontal Custom Veneers

A large portion of our customers are committed to having their designs made into our products so they can be sold. Since their straightforward and roomy shape enables you to produce a broad variety of personalised plates, personalised horizontal plates are one of the most in-demand products in this situation.

Individual vertical veneers

Nowadays, we use our cellphones to capture a lot of pictures. And because using a phone naturally requires holding it vertically, we do it almost often. These images can be utilised to produce unique vertical picture wood pins badges. Do you have any? They look terrific!

Emblems in the form of a personalised pentagon

Is there any other option? Of course that is! Additionally, we produce unique pentagon-shaped badges. We advise them to create a strong and visually appealing message because there isn’t much room, just like with circular badges.

Custom-made Hexagon Buttons

Do you have a tagline for your business or advertising effort? The printed custom hexagonal buttons are the ideal item.

We walk you through each step of how to create your custom badges.

It is simple. Really simple And quickly. So much so that you could complete them even as you read this. You’ve come to the right site if you’re looking for white plates that you can personalise because you can handle all the design. Don’t worry; we’ll show you how to use our online tool to create customised badges right away.

Step 1: Decide on the shape of your custom badge.

You can pick from eight distinct shapes, including round, square, triangular, oval, horizontal, vertical, pentagonal, and hexagonal, as you are already aware. As you can see, we’ve gone through the entire book cover to cover so you may pick the one that best suits your needs and frames your message or design.

Step 2: The foreground, emblem, or picture of your custom badges

The content needs to be designed now. You can select a background with only one colour, or you can select a moving graphic like an abstract pattern. 


Then include the text or logo. It is not essential to pack the printing area very much other than that. Less is more in this situation, especially when you consider the size of the customised sheet.


Step 3: Complete the shopping cart and the shipping information for your customised badges.

You can choose the sort of shipment you require after everything is done and you are checking out. We have both longer and shorter deadlines, so regardless of whether you arrive just in time or sufficiently early, we will have the shipment you require.

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